Is back-linking really one of Google’s top factors in their algorithm? Yes, link building still remains at the top with content followed closely by RankBrain.

Google’s algorithms remain incredibly dynamic, incorporating hundreds of vectors and considerations for each individual search. As sophisticated as search engines become, they’ll still rely on users and third parties to help them determine what content is considered useful to users. Links help search engines bridge that gap.

Beyond algorithmic benefits, backlinks serve functional purposes for your website:

  • Provides referral traffic
  • Indexes orphaned or isolated pages
  • Contributes on-page value to readers
  • Serves as a citation for research
  • Builds relationships within your existing industry

Really, link building should serve as an extension to an effective content marketing campaign. When you publish new content to your website you should also build links to the page. Much like paid media can help boost traffic to a landing page, so too can a link from a popular website. In the end, they both serve as an advertisement for that page, only one practice is free.


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